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How We Work

At Blair & Chapman Chiropractic clinic we only accept cases of neck and back pain that are known to respond well, or we have treated successfully in the past.  If our Chiropractor believes you need to be referred for an opinion from a specialist or a GP…he will do so immediately.

Do you need a referral?

In short…no, you don’t need a referral to call us.

As we work closely with many GP’s, a number of our patients do come to us via referral although this is not mandatory.

What can you expect from your consultation at Blair and Chapman Chiropractic?

Your initial consultation is very important for us to understand exactly how your pain is affecting you and what the possible causes may be.

Pain that presents in the spine can on some occasions be from other health problems and as such our Chiropractor will discuss your history in some detail. Following your health history we proceed with an examination for the purpose of obtaining an accurate diagnosis and starting care.  At Blair & Chapman Chiropractic we find that this initial consultation usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes depending on the particular issues you present with.

Please be assured that if Dr Blair does not think that he can help you, or if his examination reveals any concerns beyond the scope of Chiropractic treatment he will refer you appropriately and liaise with your GP.

How do I make an appointment at Blair and Chapman Chiropractic?

Appointments can be made via telephone on (07) 5580 8011 and we will guide you through the process.

If you phone our Robina clinic outside of consultation hours (see clinic hours of operation), then please leave a message with your name and telephone number and our staff will contact you as soon as they return.

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to use the Request Appointment button at the top or bottom of the page and we’ll promptly contact you via telephone.  Once a suitable time has been arranged for your Chiropractic consultation we will send you our Initial Clinical Questionnaire via email, fax or post. Of course you’re always welcome to visit our Chiropractic clinic at he Eastside Building, Waterfront Place (off Laver Dr.) in Robina.

Contact Us

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